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How to purchase forced convection tempering furnace

release time:2019/3/8 17:29:41  source: admin

In recent years, with the development of the economy, many people have seen the business opportunities of the tempered glass processing industry, but the variety of tempering furnaces, and do not know how to purchase, today Otto Xiaobian share the brand and equipment performance to share with youHow to purchase a forced convection tempering furnace.

First, a well_known brand. Forced convection technology is a relatively advanced technology. Large manufacturers have their own R&D team, and product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. In addition, large manufacturers have provided non-standard equipment, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, and can meet the production requirements. From design drawings to equipment debugging, to post-service, people are relieved.

Second, locate the market and choose features. First of all, we should position the tempering furnace from the consideration of your tempered glass market. At present, the forced convection tempering furnaces on the market mainly include: flat steelmaking furnace, curved tempering furnace, flat bending two-way tempering furnace, curved two-way tempering furnace, and unequal arc tempering furnace. Different types of tempering furnaces are used differently, and the tempering furnace function can be selected according to your needs. For example, the construction is mainly based on large flat glass. The main considerations are to focus on flat steel. For example, Randy's LD-AJ series forced convection flat tempering equipment adopts jet forced convection heating technology, which can meet high requirements. Tempering construction, tempering of flat glass for furniture; tempered glass types: online, offline Low-E (E=0.02) glass, ultra-white glass, screen printing glass, embossed glass, tinted glass, white glass Wait. Of course, if you want to cover a wider range of products, you can consider a two-way tempering furnace, which can be used for both flat glass and curved glass. Of course, the cost of this tempering furnace will be relatively high.

Third, the choice of convection, convection and convection processes. The forced convection tempering furnace has been recognized by more and more people in the industry. Compared with the traditional radiant tempering furnace, it has many advantages and is gradually favored by customers. These factors are also critical to the selection of forced convection tempering furnaces, which not only affect the performance of the product, but are also critical to cost control. At present, the forced convection tempering furnace can be divided into two modes: upper semi-convection and full convection. Among them, the full convection is the best, but the relative price is also more expensive. LandGlass' latest Randy gold steel tempering furnace is better in forced convection furnace. representative.

Fourth, high temperature convection curve control. The high-temperature convection curve control reflects the temperature control ability of the furnace heating zone. The uneven heating of the glass is prone to tempering and non-standard, and the phenomenon of frying furnace. When purchasing, pay attention to the side-by-side convection fan, which leads to poor control of the temperature curve on both sides of the furnace. When choosing a forced convection tempering furnace, enterprises that have done well in this aspect should be considered.

Fifth, the heating system (heating wire) is selected. More steel furnaces use ordinary radiant furnace heating wire, good manufacturers will use (CrNi), this material is more than 10 times the price of ordinary radiant furnace heating wire, long life, excellent stability, basically can not reach long-term Change the heating wire.

Sixth, the choice of ceramic roller in the furnace. The smoothness of the roller table and the high temperature resistance directly affect the quality of the glass. Generally, the manufacturer adopts the ordinary ceramic roller table, the transmission precision cannot be guaranteed, and the impact of the vibration of the transmission system on the ceramic roller can cause a deviation. It will cause the roller path to be scratched due to the asynchronous drive.

Seventh, the supporting auxiliary system selection. The tempering section air pressure auxiliary control system can reduce the dependence on the operator experience, improve production efficiency and reduce the residual rate caused by human factors. Good manufacturer masters are all controlled by imported industrial electrical appliances and temperature modules to ensure the reliability of the system, all nickel_chromium stainless steel furnace liners, and cabinet materials. The grades of electrical products used in the general market are lower, and the internal materials are also different. Very big.

Finally, we must consider the height of the heating furnace body of the forced convection tempering furnace and the large external fan. It is necessary to select the appropriate plant and supporting conditions.

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